About Milky Mums

Milky Mums is a community organisation supporting mothers breastfeeding or expressing for premature and sick babies in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) across Australia.  Established by a group of women with their own milky tales from the NICU, Milky Mums provides material support to new mothers, such as hands-free pumping bras and access to breastpumps for home use. We connect Mums, sharing stories to provide reassurance and inspiration and will shortly be launching the Milky Muse mentoring programme.

To learn more visit www.milkymums.org.au or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram

2 thoughts on “About Milky Mums

  1. Hi- not sure if you are looking for contributions but I wrote this on my blog about 2 years ago, about my breastfeeding journey with premmie (26 weeks) twins. http://thehutchronicles.blogspot.com.au/2013/08/dinner-for-two.html?m=0

    I expressed for 4 months while they were in hospital, then breastfed them until they were 18 months old. (I even went back to expressing when I returned to work part time when they were 13 months old!)
    What a great way to encourage other NICU mums!



    • Hi Marian

      What a great story you have and may we say WELL DONE on being able to breastfeed your twins and continuing to express for them! We would absolutely love to feature this on our blog (we’re always looking for contributions too).

      Would you mind emailing us at hello @ milkymums.org.au (no spaces) so we can confirm publication details.

      Thanks for reaching out and reading our stories!



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