Lactation cookies – do they work? A Milky Mums experiment

Its been 10 months since I started expressing milk for my son Etienne. T-E-N  M-O-N-T-H-S.

I’m so grateful that I was able to continue for this long, but if I told you I wanted to dropkick my breastpump out of the door I don’t think that would quite convey my feelings towards it.

Where I would like to hurl my breastpump

Where I would like to hurl my breastpump

I have a date in mind when I hope to wean Etienne (December 1, or the day after RSV season ends), but in the meantime I’ve been looking at ways to increase my supply without pumping more.

Yes, it might be cheating, but without making any excuses I just don’t have the time or the willpower to fit in more than two pumping session a day. So today, in a quasi-experiment, I’ve made a large batch of lactation cookies, and in the ultimate sacrifice for other Milky Mums, I’m going to eat them for a week and report back the results each day. Its a big commitment I know, eating cookies, but I’m pretty selfless like that.


I pump twice a day, getting 100-120ml per session, so in the interests of science (cough), I won’t be changing any other part of my routine.

I made a batch of 24 cookies using this recipe, although I decreased the sugar, omitted the chocolate and added sultanas and cinnamon, because quite frankly there’s no more room in my jeans thank you.

I had to Google ‘how many cookies to eat’, and came up with the magic number of three. By which I mean four, because who can stop at three cookies*?

I’ll be posting the results daily, so hope to see you back here again!


* Potentially related to my jeans problem, see above


Day 1, Sunday:

I’m quite impressed by these cookies – crispy with a chewy interior, studded with sultanas and awash with yummy cinnamon. There’s a hint of yeast in the background but nothing that doesn’t make me want to sit down with a jar of these cookies and show them who’s boss. My first 4 cookies are being quietly digested, and I can’t wait to see the results.

Day 2, Monday:

Another 4 cookies consumed. Oops, 5 actually. However, yummyness aside, my supply actually dropped 20ml today. If I was a scientist I’m sure I’d be telling you that its within the range of variance expected, but nevertheless its disappointing.

Day 3, Tuesday: 

4 cookies and still 10ml down…hmmm…

Day 4, Wednesday:

Still waiting for the magic to happen…

Day 5, Thursday:

Nada. A few people have commented to me that they saw results after a week. Maybe my boobies just being extra-obstinate?

Day 6, Friday:

I’m almost out of cookies and still no sign of any effect. Still holding out hope!

Day 7, Saturday:

Drumroll please…so after eating lactation cookies for a week the verdict is…

A very disappointing zero effect on my supply!

Should I have eaten more cookies? Or as some do, eat the cookie dough raw? Could I have increased the amount of lactogenic ingredients in the recipe? Questions for another day, because right now my thighs are begging me to stop.


I can only conclude that, sadly, it will take more than a few cookies to increase my supply. Perhaps if I was pumping more frequently I might see a difference. Either way, my recommendation is to work your way through Milky Mum’s Tips on How to Increase Supply before heading to the cookie jar…

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